10 Bunalbo Avenue South Yarra

10 Bunalbo Avenue South Yarra

Applicant sought to erect a new two storey dwelling with basement on a 252m2 site in South Yarra. The areas of the respective levels were:

  • Basement 44m2
  • Ground floor 134m2
  • First floor 138m2

The site was impacted by a Special Building Overlay, which required attention to prevention of flooding to the basement, with an entrance 300mm above the flood level. The character of the development along this street had been subject to redevelopment and was considered to be in transition.

Three objections were received and Stonington City Council supported the design, albeit with some modifications to setback the building from the eastern boundary in response to a drainage easement. The matter with objectors was settled via a Consent Order at VCAT.

The development was designed by Architect Karl Degering & Associates, Suite 6/163, Commercial Road South Yarra VIC 3141, Ph.No: 9824 2655.
PDF file for 10 Bunalbo Avenue South Yarra – TP-E 06-04-09

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