19 to 21 Frances Street Heathmont

19 to 21 Frances Street Heathmont

This site involved the development of the former Heathmont Primary School. This was a large site of approximately 4210m2. The first proposal for 40 dwellings had been refused by Council and the second application was also to be refused. The design had 30 dwellings located around the perimeter of the site with 10 dwellings centrally located, accessed by a ring road. The building form was a mix of single and double storey dwellings.

With PPD being appointed further modifications had to be made to the plans in response to the retention of on site vegetation. The site had not been assessed for Net Gain. Practical Ecology Pty Ltd completed this assessment and recommend that 1600m2 of the site had to be set aside, on the corner of Erica and Frances Street.

The five (5) dwellings located in this area were removed from this vegetation zone. The ten (10) dwellings located in the centre of the site were problematic given overlooking between each dwellings and overshadowing of private open space. The decisions were made to amend the design and have terrace style dwellings in the centre of the site, being 2 bedrooms with under croft parking.

Issues surrounding landscape (habitat Pty Ltd), Net Gain and the development of the 20 dwellings around the perimeter of the site were accepted. VCAT however refused this amended application based on the perception of height and visibility of these terrace dwellings.

The third application revised these dwellings to 2 storey with basement parking. This design was completed by Orbit Solutions (www.orbitsolutions.com.au)

This application was approved by Maroondah City Council in October 2011.

PDF file for 19-21 Frances Street Heathmont – 40 dwellings

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