232 View Street Bendigo

232 View Street Bendigo

Council: Greater Bendigo

Zoning: Residential 1 one (R1Z)

Heritage Overlay (HO1)

Land Area: 496m²

Use: Four town house dwellings with on-site parking.

Development: One 2 storey and three 3 storey dwellings.

Planning Considerations: Clause 32.01-4 Construction of two or more dwellings on a lot.

Clause 43.01-1 Construct a building under the heritage overlay.

Planning Permit Issued

232 View Street, Bendigo

Medium Density Development

The original design was refused by Greater Bendigo City Council on grounds related to inadequate car parking, manageable vehicular access and provision of daylight to rear bedrooms.

Examination by PPD suggested a number of modifications to resolve these issues. These revisions to the design were made by the designer, Planwise Design, and included:

Relocating the built form on the site to increase the car parking to comply with the standard requirement;

Internal rearrangement of rooms to shift habitable rooms to the front of the development and the laundry to the rear of the development in order to provide more light to the habitable rooms.

Bryce Raworth, heritage expert, was retained to provide heritage advice on the proposed development.

The amendments facilitated a review by the responsible authority to support the development and the case was decided at a ‘short cases’ hearing in December 2012.

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