3 Grandview Grove Prahran

3 Grandview Grove Prahran

This application was to demolish the existing single fronted timber dwelling and develop a new two-storey dwelling at 3 Grandview Grove, Prahran. The site is located on the corner of Mc Micken Lane, is zoned Residential 1 and is located within Heritage Overlay (HO 135).

This dwelling abutted 5 Grandview Grove (north), which was a 2 storey cement brick dwelling built circa 1980. Number 7 Grandview Grove had been demolished and this site amalgamated with the garden of the mansion located at 9 Grandview Grove.

A previous permit for this site (TP 0341/05) allowed demolition of the rear portion of 3 Grandview Grove and its substantial alteration including the addition of a second storey. The rear part of the site had been subdivided and a new 2 storey dwelling constructed at the rear facing Park Street. Expert evidence in support of the demolition was provided by David Bick with a peer review completed by Peter Barret.

The applicant proposed to demolish the remainder of the building and construct a new two storey dwelling. Stonnington Council refused the application based on heritage issues surrounding the “B graded” classification of the dwelling. VCAT directed the issue of a planning permit in July 2009 (see decision P3343).

The development was designed by Architect Karl Degering & Associates, Suite 6/163, Commercial Road South Yarra VIC 3141,
Ph.No: 9824 2655.

PDF files for 3 Grandview Grove Prahran – TPO1, TPO3 & TPO5

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