84 Rowena Parade Richmond

84 Rowena Parade Richmond

The existing two bedroom double fronted dwelling had rear access, whilst bathroom, laundry amenities had been located along the common western boundary in a “lean too” fashion, typical of most extension carried in the 1950’s.

The applicants sought to demolish this rear extension, build over the parking space (site had a fall of 1.8m) with a new living area that would extend to the lane. Parking would be retained underneath this extension. As part of this renovation a new upper level roof deck would be provided within the roof cavity of the existing dwelling.

No objections were received from advertising; however a failure appeal was lodged given that Council sought modifications to the plans that were considered unreasonable. These modification being:

  • Increased building setbacks from the rear lane (2.0m)
  • 1.5 metres from the eastern boundary (increase of 500mm).

Both setbacks would reduce the proposed living area. VCAT directed the issue of a planning permit. See decision P328/2008
PDF file for 84 Rowena Avenue Richmond – Middleton plans May 08

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