Camp Street Daylesford

Camp Street Daylesford

Camp Street Daylesford – The redevelopment of the former St. Andrews Church located on a 2000m2 in central Daylesford was a large project involving numerous consultants such as architects, heritage architects, traffic consultants and arborists. The site had the former brick St. Andrews Church built in 1903 and the older timber Church building located at the rear was required to be demolished. The rear of the site is to be developed with 7 dwellings in a double storey format, separated by landscaping and driveway access from both Camp Street and a ROW.

The St. Andrews Church site was covered by a heritage overlay which also protected the interior of this building. Interior protection had been applied given the unique sloping floor being representative of the early designs of Presbyterian Church’s within Australia. The large church Organ was also required to be protected. The Church building has now been approved for conversion into 2 separate dwellings. Williams Boag was engaged by the applicants to complete the design and Lovell Chen appointed to complete the Conservation Management Plan.

PDF files for Camp Street Daylesford project – TP1 & TP4

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